Dog Therapy and Rescue
Veterans will also work with and help train homeless dogs while giving them plenty of love and affection so they are more adoptable.  That's two lives saved!  It's a win-win situation. 

It's proven that dog therapy helps a person's overall health!


Mission Statement

Operation Bald Eagle's mission is to help veterans succeed by meeting their physical, emotional and spiritual needs until they "find their own way back home".

Imagine you are a trained warrior, you are sent off to war and you have a job to do. Then the day comes that you are discharged and find yourself with no job, no support or no where to go. You may feel lost, empty or maybe even hopeless. You may feel you have no direction in your life. That's where Operation Bald Eagle steps in! We are here to give the Veteran what he or she needs - a place to live, food and help with transitioning but more important, showing the veteran we care and we are here to support them and help. Sometimes even a hero needs a little help!

The plan:  We plan to build our first transition center in Central Illinois, then other locations. Each facility will provide a 15 month program which includes:

  • Free counseling and dog therapy
  • Free Housing and Meals
  • Free daycare
  • Free local transportation
  • Free vocational training
  • Free life skills training classes and much more.....

For those who are already eligible for cost free education - there are several choices in Central Illinois such as ICC and Robert Morris University.

Whether you want to help a war veteran or homeless dog or both, please help us today.  The center will change lives and save lives!  Thank you for your support. 

Do you have questions or want to help? Email us!

This organization, Operation Bald Eagle was created by an Iraqi Veteran's wife when she saw a need for these services.

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